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When seeking an uncontested divorce, you may not have to go to court. Let us help you seek your desired outcome.


Our extensive experience in the uncontested divorce process has prepared us to navigate nearly any situation.

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At 859 Divorce, Blankenship Massey & Associates make your needs our top priority. Control your costs with a flat-rate fee. $1,000 is all we will ever charge

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Avoid Court with an Uncontested Divorce

Kentucky allows for spouses to get divorced on their own terms. When seeking an uncontested divorce, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse must agree on the key aspects of the divorce including division of property, debt, and assets, alimony, and child custody, support, and more. In Kentucky, you can file for an uncontested divorce and avoid going to court. If you are seeking an uncontested divorce in Lexington, Kentucky, contact us.

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Seek a Peaceful Resolution to Your Divorce

An uncontested divorce can be a blessing. By agreeing to the major aspects often disputed in a divorce proceeding, you are able to avoid appearing in court, which saves you time, money, and potential hardships. At 859 Divorce Blankenship Massey & Associates, we are dedicated to navigating you through the process as quickly and as stress-free as possible.

Start the uncontested divorce process today for a flat rate of $1,000. We can diligently strive for your goals so that you may begin your new life as peacefully as possible. Reach out to us today to get started. We also proudly serve clients throughout central and northern Kentucky, including the areas of Lexington, Florence, Richmond, Covington, Georgetown, and Winchester.