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The legal team at The Grinnell Firm, PSC, is committed to serving Kentucky families and helping children grow up in positive, loving homes. A welcomed part of this mission is helping birth mothers and prospective adoptive families complete the intensive and complex adoption process.

We represent adoptive parents in all kinds of adoptions - agency, independent, stepparent, adult, foster care and international. Our goal is to provide you with compassionate, cost-effective and successful representation in one of the most important events of your life.

The Adoption Process | For Birth Mothers And Adoptive Parents

Some birth mothers recognize they are not in a situation to provide the extreme amount of care that a child needs. As a result, they make the selfless choice to place the baby up for adoption. If you are a young woman in this situation, our Florence adoption attorney can discuss with you how he can help you be sure that your child grows up in a wonderful home with devoted, loving adoptive parents.

Prospective parents who have decided to adopt a child are committing to the most important role they will ever accept. The adoption process that follows can be an emotional roller coaster. The Grinnell Firm, PSC, helps adoptive parents through this paperwork-intensive procedure and keeps them informed of developments at every step.

Attorney With Experience Handling Private And Stepparent Adoptions

Many times, a stepparent is interested in adopting a stepchild in order to obtain the same rights that a birth parent would have. Stepparent adoptions also serve as a key means of reinforcing the bond between the stepparent and the child. We are happy to assist with this process.

Before a stepparent adoption can occur, the natural parent's rights must be terminated. In many cases, the natural parent has not played a role in the child's life and agrees to the termination of parental rights. In other cases, we can take steps to have rights terminated so we can move forward with the stepparent adoption. If you are a father being asked to give up your rights unwillingly, we can discuss your father's rights in the matter.

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Our lawyer can help you understand the long-term financial ramifications of stepparent adoption, as well as any concerns you have about its impact on children from a previous marriage as it pertains to inheritance and other matters.

We can answer your questions regarding adoption during a free initial consultation. Our firm serves clients in Florence, Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky, as well as Madison County and Winchester. Call 859-DIV-ORCE (859-348-6723) or use our easy online form to schedule an appointment.