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Most parents who pay child support feel they pay too much and the parents who receive child support never feel it is enough. At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, our priority is to reach a fair and equitable child support order for families in Lexington, Richmond & Florence, Kentucky, and surrounding areas.

In Kentucky, monthly child support payments are determined based on the combined monthly adjusted parental gross income and the number of children for whom support is needed. The monthly obligation is divided between the parents based on their combined monthly adjusted parental gross income. In instances where the combined adjusted parental gross income exceeds the levels provided in the guidelines, the court may exercise its judicial discretion in determining the amount of child support.

Our Approach To Seeking Fair Arrangements

We emphasize from the start that child support is for your children. It is not a means of gaining revenge or inflicting undue financial pain on the other parent. In cases where the parents have agreed to a joint custody arrangement, a child support worksheet will be prepared for each household. The nonresidential custodian who pays a higher monthly amount is responsible for paying the difference between the obligation amount, per the worksheets, to the other parent.

Although the formula provided by the state provides the framework for your child support order, each case has unique circumstances that may impact the final structure of your agreement. If one party is self-employed or owns a business, calculating income can become more difficult. We ensure that accurate income figures are used to calculate both child support and required spousal support. If necessary, we use the services of a forensic accountant or another financial specialist to obtain accurate income records.

Child Support Modifications | We Can Help Kentucky Families

Changes in circumstances may call for changes in your child support arrangement. A significant and long-term change in income, a health care crisis or other life-changing event can be the cause for changing the child support order. Our lawyer can evaluate your situation and help you determine if a modification is appropriate and likely to be approved by the court.

If you have questions regarding child support, child support enforcement, modifications or any related matter, our child support attorney serves Winchester and Madison County, as well as residents of Richmond, Lexington and Florence, Kentucky. Call us to address your questions during a free initial consultation. Call 859-348-6723 or use our easy contact form to schedule a meeting.