Custody Considerations | Determining Fair Custody For Military Members

Custody Considerations | Determining Fair Custody For Military Members

For most military service members facing a divorce, one of the most pressing concerns involves the child custody determination. Military stationing and other factors can result in significant challenges in the process of protecting your custody and visitation rights.

Make sure you work with a lawyer who understands the challenges you face in military divorce and can help you. At The Grinnell Firm, our team can protect your rights and handle all of your concerns. Representing clients in Lexington, Richmond and Florence, Kentucky, we take cases for military members and nonmilitary spouses in military divorces.

Protecting Your Rights In Custody Arrangements

We can help protect your rights in all aspects of military child custody arrangements, including:

Your presence in the courtroom: If you are stationed overseas or out of state, we can find alternatives to ensure your rights are adequately protected.
Military custody: We can protect your right to shared custody and work around the geographic roadblocks that could stand in your way of exercising your rights. We can also help adapt current custody orders for the new locations and changes in your life.
Visitation rights: Many military members worry that their military responsibilities will hinder their right to regular visitation with their children. We know the challenges and how to overcome them to help you maintain your relationship with your child.

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