Protecting Clients In Cases Involving Domestic Violence Claims

When hearing term like domestic violence and protective orders, most people know that the matter is serious. If you are involved in a serious family law matter of this kind, it is critical to work with a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge to help you protect yourself.

What Are Protective Orders In Kentucky?

An emergency enforcement order (EFO) can result in a legal order intended to protect a spouse and family from someone who could pose a threat to them. Depending on the circumstances, a judge could use an EFO to order the accused person to not come within a certain distance of the other party, to have no contact with a spouse and to stay outside of a certain minimum distance from the children.

A domestic violence order (DVO) is similar to an EFO, but it also includes the possibility of temporary child support and counseling services. For a spouse who is in real danger, these provisions can be essential for physical and emotional safety. In some cases, however, a spouse is falsely accused of domestic violence, which results in the unfair loss of contact with spouse and children.

Defense Against A Protective Order

While every legitimate domestic violence case needs to be taken seriously, the sad reality is that a significant percentage of these involve false accusation. Some of these accusations come from misinterpreted family disputes that are far short of anything that would be considered domestic violence. Other cases, unfortunately, involve one spouse making intentionally false accusations against another to gain an advantage in child custody and other divorce-related disputes.

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence and have had protective orders filed against you, it is important to defend against this action aggressively. You could lose your right to see your spouse or your children, and you could find yourself at a serious disadvantage in a future divorce.

Obtaining A Protective Order

If you find yourself in need of an emergency enforcement order or domestic violence order, we can help you protect yourself and walk you through the process.

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