Dividing Retirement Benefits In A Divorce

The division of retirement benefits can be one of the most contentious and complex issues in a divorce or separation. If you are facing a divorce, marriage dissolution or separation, it is critical for your future to protect your financial interests aggressively. Make sure you work with a divorce lawyer you can trust, someone who has the experience and knowledge to help you obtain the favorable outcome you need.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we represent clients throughout the Lexington, Richmond and Florence areas of Kentucky in property division and other aspects of divorce. We take a personalized, real-world approach backed by experience and knowledge to help our clients divide retirement benefits in divorce.

Valuating And Dividing Retirement Benefits

Generally, a retirement plan has not been liquidated when a couple divorces; this means it is still active and accruing interest. This creates complexities in terms of accurately valuating a retirement plan for the long term. We have experience and knowledge handling these complex matters, and we can make sure your interests are protected in the divorce process.

In addition to helping clients divide traditional retirement benefits, we also help divorcing military service members in the division of military pensions.

Whether you are entering a divorce with complex retirement plans, business ownership interests, international properties, a military pension or other complex assets, our law firm can help you obtain a favorable division of property in your divorce. Through mediation and courtroom experience, we have the tools to protect your interests.

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