Complications In The Division Of Military Pensions

Various complications arise in military divorces that civilians do not have to face. One of the most challenging issues in a military divorce is the division of military pensions and other military retirement benefits.

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Necessary Steps In Your Division Of Military Pensions

Dividing a military pension plan is not the same as dividing retirement benefits in civilian divorces. Our firm can help you navigate all of the complicated issues involved with military pension division and the steps you will need to take, including:

  • Valuating military pension plans: We can help you determine the overall value of a pension plan, including long-term interest accrual.
  • Classifying military pensions: Spouses are entitled to a portion of the military spouse's pension plan. Complications can arise when a couple has gotten married after the pension began growing. It is hard to parcel out how much of the pension plan belongs to each spouse versus the owner of the pension plan.
  • Dividing military pensions: We know how to calculate and properly determine equitable separation of pension assets in military divorces.

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