Lowering The Impact Of Divorce On Children

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For most married couples, their children represent the most precious thing shared - and the most joyful aspect of the couple's life together. But when a divorce becomes inevitable, how do you separate without causing undue harm to any children?

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we understand the importance of protecting your children in a divorce. Representing clients in Richmond, Lexington and Florence, Kentucky, we help clients through all child-related divorce matters.

Keeping Children's Best Interests Top Of Mind

We ave a personal passion for protecting the well-being of kids. When you work with our team, you'll receive years of experience and knowledge helping to smooth the divorce process for children.

We can help with legal issues involving:

  • Child custody: There is a range of options and creative solutions for creating a child custody arrangement. We can help you work out an arrangement that will be favorable for you, protect your child's interests and be manageable for the long-term. Learn more about your child custody options and frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.
  • Moving out of state: If you or your ex-spouse wants to move out of the area, it will have an impact on the child custody and support arrangements. We help clients obtain post-divorce modifications or contest modifications to allow for one of the parents to move a child out of the area.
  • Child support: The determination of child support is another important child-related issue in divorce. The final child support determination will influence and be influenced by other aspects of the divorce, including child custody, division of assets and spousal maintenance. We can help you coordinate all aspects of the divorce to make sure the child support determination is equitable.

Our Approach To Working With Children During Divorce

We handle the above listed issues and more, but the most important thing we provide for our clients is a better approach. The approach taken to resolve these child-related issues has just as much impact on the children - positive or negative - as the actual outcomes of these issues. We do everything we can to protect the children during the process, through amicable mediations and collaborative negotiations. While we are prepared to fight aggressively in court if necessary, we only do this as a last resort when amicable negotiations are not possible.

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