5 Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Divorce can be a very confusing time in anyone's life. Many questions may arise that require guidance from an experienced family law attorney. If you should happen to need legal answers to your pressing matters, make sure you put a skilled divorce attorney in your corner.

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Answers To Your Divorce Questions

How long does the divorce process take? Depending on how contentious or collaborative your divorce is, the length will change. It could be anywhere from a month or two to several months based on your unique facts.

Is fault required to get a divorce in Kentucky? The only requirement in Kentucky is that the marriage be irretrievably broken. Fault is no longer a factor.

How long do you have to live in Kentucky before filing for divorce? The statutes currently state that an individual must reside in the state for at least 180 days before filing for divorce.

Will I have to go to court? Most cases come to resolutions prior to trial. If we are able to reach an agreement with the other side prior to trial, you will never set foot in a courtroom. If you do need to go to court, we are fully prepared to protect your rights.

How does spousal support work? Providing needed money to your ex-spouse is awarded at the discretion of the court. The judge will look to whether or not each spouse can afford necessities and their employment opportunities. We can analyze your case and give you an idea of how your situation stands.

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