Domestic Partnerships | Legal And Financial Considerations

Domestic Partnerships | Legal And Financial Considerations

One of the reasons couples avoid getting married is the notion that marriage is too complicated by legal and financial considerations. However, a domestic partnership has its own share of legal complications, some even more in-depth than in traditional marriages. At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we have a wealth of experience representing clients in a range of divorce and family law matters throughout the areas of Richmond, Lexington and Florence, Kentucky.

To every client we serve, we bring a combination of knowledge and compassion. If you are considering a domestic partnership or are in a cohabiting relationship that is coming to an end, talk to a lawyer you can trust to explain your options and protect your interests. We will help you understand your rights and remain by your side throughout the process.

Domestic Partnership Agreements And Cohabitation Agreements

Kentucky does not recognize common law marriages, and the courts have repeatedly refused to recognize property rights for cohabiting partners, even when their relationships closely resemble marriages in every other way.

In general, domestic partnership agreements and cohabitation agreements are contracts regarding property rights. Similar to creating a prenuptial agreement, a contract of this kind sets forth an agreement between two partners regarding the property involved in a relationship. Some couples use these contracts to establish shared property in the event of a breakup. Others use these agreements to make sure no property rights of this kind are ever established.

Without a cohabitation agreement, neither party has any rights over property owned by the other if the relationship dissolves. We can help you establish an agreement that will protect your rights.

Dissolution Of Domestic Partnerships

Because domestic partnerships are not recognized as marriage, there is no official divorce involved when domestic partners separate. However, it is almost impossible for two people to live together in a close relationship without the lines of individual ownership of property getting blurred. Similarly, if an unmarried couple has children, further complications arise, especially if paternity is in question.

In most domestic partner separations, mediation is a powerful tool for coming to agreement regarding division of assets, custody, child support matters and other related issues. We recommend mediation for most separating couples as the first step to conflict resolution.

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