Protecting The Rights Of Dads In Kentucky

Protecting The Rights Of Dads In Kentucky

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For many years, it was common knowledge that the courts gave preferential treatment to women in divorce. This is no longer the case. As women are increasing their importance in the workplace and their earning power, and as research continues to point to the importance of two-parent families in child development, Kentucky and other courts are moving toward more of an equal footing in divorce and child-related family law issues.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, our attorneys bring exceptional knowledge, personal and professional experience to every case. Our strong advocacy skills bring key representation of fathers in divorce and other family law matters. We can represent your interests anywhere in the areas of Lexington, Richmond and Florence, Kentucky.

If you are a dad, you need to know that you have rights, and we can help you protect them. Parental rights work both ways. Call 859-DIV-ORCE (859-348-6723) to talk with an experienced lawyer today.

Protecting You And Your Family

In any kind of separation, dissolution or divorce in which children are involved, there will be complex issues. We can help make sure you receive fair treatment as a dad in terms of maintaining a healthy and steady relationship with your children. We will work to protect visitation and custody rights for fathers. We can also step in if Child Protective Services (CPS) or other juvenile law issues arise.

Dads' rights apply to more than just child custody. They also apply to a fair share when it comes to distribution of assets and financial support issues. We will make sure the court looks not at gender, but at the financial reality of the situation when making child support and spousal support determinations.

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If you are a dad, our legal team can help you understand and preserve your rights. Call 859-DIV-ORCE (859-348-6723) or use the online form to schedule a consultation with attorney Eric Grinnell today.