A Better Approach To Divorce Proceedings

A Better Approach To Divorce Proceedings

For many years, the only means available for divorce involved contentious, costly and time-consuming litigation. Through mediation and other nonlitigious methods for divorce, couples today have options.

To discuss your options for a more efficient, amicable divorce through mediation, talk with a lawyer from The Grinnell Firm, PSC. We serve clients throughout the areas of Lexington, Richmond and Florence, Kentucky, in all types of divorce and family law proceedings, and we take pride in maximizing the potential benefits available in mediation.

Is Family Law Mediation Right For You?

Divorce mediation is mandatory before proceeding with a divorce in Kentucky. Judges and courtroom staffs are overwhelmed with heavy caseloads, so mandatory divorce mediation is intended to limit courtroom time and make divorce proceedings more efficient and effective. The problem is that many couples simply go through the motions as a necessary step on the path to the courtroom, where the "real divorce" begins.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we believe there are tremendous benefits to taking the divorce mediation process seriously. When done right, mediation allows divorcing spouses to discuss their issues together in a more discreet, amicable setting that also allows them the freedom to establish a divorce agreement that truly serves their needs.

Resolving All Of Your Divorce-Related Issues

Any divorce-related issue can be resolved through mediation. Many couples find that complex property division issues like those in high-income divorces as well as the complexities involved with child custody and visitation schedules are best resolved in mediation. This process allows divorcing spouses to decide for themselves how to best arrange visitation schedules or divide marital property.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we can represent your interests in the mediation process. With years of divorce law experience, we know what to expect in divorce litigation, so we can make sure you are entering into agreements that are favorable to you.

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