Post-Divorce Modifications | An Essential Step For Many Divorces

In today's economy, unexpected life changes occur more rapidly than ever. Some are positive; others are unfortunate. If there is a substantial and continuous change in circumstances that impacts aspects of your original divorce decree, it may be necessary to pursue modifications.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we assist individuals in Lexington, Florence and Richmond, Kentucky, with modifications to relevant aspects of their divorce agreements. The most common events that necessitate post-divorce modifications include a change in job status, earning potential or assets, geographic location or a change relevant to the well-being of a child.

Interstate And International Custody Issues

In some cases, a frustrated or desperate parent may abduct a child across interstate or international borders. Parental kidnapping is a serious matter. Our office has extensive experience in child custody litigation. We are committed to protecting your rights and serving the best interests of your child.

Petitioning The Court For A Divorce Modification

If a parent becomes unfit to care for a child because of illness, addiction or some other cause, we can assist you with the necessary modifications. But a change to one parent's life is not the only reason for modifying an arrangement. As a child matures and has different needs, it may be necessary to change custody or child support.

Requests for modifications or petitions for child relocation do not always make sense. One parent may move farther away and simply assume that custody or visitation plans can be altered. We also represent individuals who want to block a modification request.

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