Prenuptial Agreements Can Be Essential To Your Marriage

For most people preparing for marriage, the last thing on their mind is divorce. However, a significant percentage of marriages end in divorce, and the divorce process can be extremely time-consuming, expensive and stressful for everyone involved. For this reason, it is important to speak with an experienced divorce lawyer about the possibility of creating a prenuptial agreement.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we represent clients in Richmond, Lexington and Florence, Kentucky, in the preparation of prenuptial agreements and other divorce and family law matters. With a wealth of experience handling all of the legal issues involved with a divorce, we know how to prepare for these issues in advance to streamline the process and protect your interests in the event that a divorce does come to pass.

Creating A Prenuptial Agreement

The value of a prenup is that it can settle all the important issues that could arise in a potential divorce, before they get the chance to come up. While the parties still have a good relationship, we can help them make decisions regarding all of the important issues that could arise, including property division issues, child-related divorce issues and other matters.

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We will represent your interests and help you and your future spouse create a prenuptial agreement that helps you prepare for the future while not jeopardizing your relationship now.

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